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Let's admit it, it's sometimes hard to decide on who you'd like to sleep with. You may see a hot guy, or a hot girl, and if there are lines, they are sometimes not clear. Having feelings, or desires about both men and women is fine and we encourage you to explore your desires.

Here at swing-both-ways we have created a safe environment to meet other men, women, or couples. Many people join to experiment with their orientation, many people who don't consider themselves bi join and then find out they are bi. Whatever your orientation, why not meet some of our members and have some fun.

The Best Place For Men To Find Men, Women And Couples

Have you been waking up with the morning bone? No body to share it with? Put simply - It's a wasted bone isn't it. Now here is the opportunity to put that bone to work! Here at Swing Both Ways we have no problem with our members who want to find a quickie - nor do many of our members, after all, that's how relationships get started most of the time. You get intimate with someone, discover the horn fits the hole in a snug way and then decide to date, basically because you want more of the good stuff - until you build up a relationship.

The Best Place For Women To Find Men, Women And Couples

You won't have to travel far to find another female, man or couple who wants to "play". Unfortunately, we can't repeat the stories we get told from some of our members, but trust us on this, they will definitely get the juices flowing. If you heard what our members say about us and other members, you'd want your slice of the pie. Once you join Swing-both-ways you'll be able to search your area, view profiles & images and chat with other members to see who are looking to meet and get horny.

The Best Place For Couples To Find Men & Women

Lots of our members are in relationships and are very open with their partners, which is why we have many couples looking for Threesomes. You can meet Gay, Lesbian or Bi-curious singles, or vice versa, if you are single, and may want to experiment, you can also meet couples. We're open to all and no one is excluded.

Swing-Both-Ways Community

We bring together people who are part of the Bi community, and singles who are bi-curious and are not in a community. We have formed a safe place to meet and explore your wildest dreams, a place to find like-minded people who want the same thing. What we believe is If you can appreciate the beauty in both men and women, and find yourself attracted to the person (or shagging) regardless of their gender, then this is the site for you.

We have many long term members who have been with us for years and when asked what they find most appealing about swing-both-ways, the answer remains the same “We find it easy to meet people on your site, you never know who is about to join!”. We want to keep this the same, so please do your best to upload a full profile and pictures, you’ll massively increase your chances of getting what you want.

Bi the way… most importantly, have fun!
Swing-Both-Ways Team.